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I'm Brannon Carty, director and producer of An Unlikely Fandom and I'm here to introduce you to a rather unlikely group of people.

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't seen or heard of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. To put it simply, the little blue tank engine is the most famous locomotive there is.

But despite being aimed at younger audiences, the series has garnered the following of quite an unlikely demographic: adult men and women.


The adult Thomas fandom found an online presence in the early 2000s through online forums, Today, the presence of these fans can be found on websites like YouTube and Twitter.

Fast forward to 2023, the community has not stopped growing, with more people discovering it everyday. Fandom meetups are occurring all over the world, fans are preserving props from the television series, and some have even managed to work on the series itself. Their passion is strong, their love is unapologetic. They are Thomas fans.

Who are they? Where did they come from? What does it mean to like Thomas as an adult?

These questions prompted me to make a documentary on this rather unlikely fandom. Through my travels, I have met some extraordinary people from every corner of the world -- each bringing something unique to the table.


Some are railway enthusiasts, some are hardcore collectors, and some are even aspiring filmmakers. No matter their background, they all share a common bond: an undying passion for Thomas.


This documentary will examine the reasons behind their continued love of the franchise as well as the the impact of Thomas the Tank Engine.

After the incredible support through our Kickstarter, in which we raised $14.5K, we have made the film bigger and better than ever. All thanks to your support.

Stay unlikely!

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